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Reasons for fixed ball valve seals

Pneumatic fixed ball valve is more common in failure form is a sealing failure, then what are the reasons for the failure of its seal? The following pneumatic ball valve manufacturers will introduce you in detail.

Pneumatic fixed ball valve sealing is mainly due to some special materials in the sealing structure, which have different characteristics, which will be reflective according to temperature or humidity. Generally in the working process of pneumatic fixed ball valve, there will be some unstable factors, such as temperature, pressure, sealing medium, etc., which are all causes for some causes of pneumatic fixed ball valve sealing failure.

In a general pneumatic fixation ball valve, its sphere and valve seat have an interference fit, and there will be an indirect interference during exercise. And with the pressure of some media, nonlinear behavior in the pipe will be likely to be destroyed to the sealing of the valve. And the media transfer will squeeze the valve seat of the pneumatic fixed ball valve, and the valve seat will cause deformation, which is simple to generate displacement relative to the valve body, which is simple. This is also one of the basic reasons for the failure of pneumatic fixed ball valve seals.