• Today, the gas-moving butterfly valve manufacturer introduces several other operating agencies that stainless steel butterfly valve except the pneum.


  • The hardness of the aerodynamic butterfly valve rubber valve seat produced by pneumatic butterfly valve manufacturers is typically between 70 and 75, but with the continuous improvement of the product structure, this hardness value range has the following problems:


  • Stainless steel pneumatic butterfly valve has a very broad application in the cooling water system of petrochemical, water treatment, gas, and thermal power stations.


  • Pneumatic fixed ball valve is more common in failure form is a sealing failure, then what are the reasons for the failure of its seal? The following pneumatic ball valve manufacturers will introduce you in detail.


  • Pneumatic butterfly valve manufacturers have previously introduced some relevant matters for maintenance and regular inspection and maintenance, but after the use of long-term use, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive maintenance, and below is from the pneumatic butterfly valve manufacturer.


  • The fuel contains non-combustible particulate impurities. When mixed with unburbible impurity particles in the oil entering the combustion chamber, these impurity particles will discharge the cylinder with the exhaust gas, and a certain chance will have a certain chance in the exhaust valve to be blocked when the exhaust valve is closed. Valves and seat surfaces of the valve seat. The exhaust valve cannot be completely closed. How much is the diameter of the particulate impurities, how large is the opening of the valve.