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  • Butterfly valve refers to the closing parts as a disc, revolving around the valve shaft to achieve the opening and closing of a valve.


  • Stainless steel valves mainly include: 301, 304, 316, 304L, 316L or according to international standards: CF8, CF3, CF8M, CF3M. The quality of materials has been successively enhanced.


  • Stainless steel valves are usually used in occasions where the working medium is corrosive. Any kind of valve material has relatively limited resistance to corrosion by working medium and is affected...


  • Angle seat valve is a guided angle seat valve operated by a single-acting pneumatic actuator with spring safety protection.


  • For trade professionals, securely connecting pipe is critical to the success of a project. Until recent years, tradespeople traditionally relied on welding, brazing and soldering to complete connections. While this is still a commonly used method for installing pipe systems, press fittings offer a variety of benefits that make them a better choice over welding or soldering in some instances. For plumbers, HVAC professionals, builders and commercial mechanical contractors alike, press fittings are an excellent solution for connecting pipe. Learn about the top five reasons to use press fittings and see how they can help you grow your professional contracting business.


  • Hydraulic excavator is a kind of multifunctional machinery, which is widely used in hydraulic engineering, transportation, electric power engineering and mining excavation and other mechanical construction. It can reduce heavy physical labor, ensure engineering quality, accelerate construction speed and increase labor productivity. Plays a very important role.