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Pneumatic Butterfly Valve Comprehensive Maintenance Content

Pneumatic butterfly valve manufacturers have previously introduced some relevant matters for maintenance and regular inspection and maintenance, but after the use of long-term use, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive maintenance, and below is from the pneumatic butterfly valve manufacturer. To introduce the full maintenance of pneumatic butterfly valve.

The content of the full maintenance of pneumatic butterfly valve has the following aspects:

1. Clean the old grease or seal fat with a cleaner. The specific operation method is to circumvent the cleaning agent, and the valve is injected through the circulating agent, so that the cleaning agent is laid on the sealing surface, and the cleaning agent can be left in the valve for 1 to 2 days.

2. Make the valve in a closed state, open the valve body discharge port or empty the mouth to reduce the valve cavity pressure.
3, turn off the blasting port and empty mouth, inject the cleaning agent, repeat the cycle switch valve according to the required amount.

4, grease or sealed fat, cycle switch valve to ensure flexible valve operation.

5, the valve body is vent, test the valve seat seal, if the seat is still leak, adjust the spool position.
6. The seat leakage is still not stopped after adjusting the spool position, and the sealing fat is injected again.